Who We Are

XCEL is comprised of experienced professionals with expertise in: environmental engineering, environmental science, occupational safety, industrial hygiene, health physics, radiation safety, and management systems. XCEL is owned and led by the following three key corporate officers:

Paul Rollinson, President

Mr. Rollinson is a service disabled combat veteran. He holds a B.S. in Naval Science (Engineering) from the Naval Academy and a M.S. in Applied Science. Mr. Rollinson has more than 30 years of experience in environmental engineering, environmental science, program management, and regulatory compliance. He is an acknowledged leader in Clean Air Act (CAA) compliance and associated environmental engineering technologies. Mr. Rollinson also has extensive expertise in hazardous waste site remediation, hazardous waste management, and environmental impact assessment.

Joe Zimmerman, Vice President

Mr. Zimmerman is a U.S. Army combat veteran. He holds a B.S. in Safety Management and an M.S. in Finance. As a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with strong environmental and financial backgrounds, Mr. Zimmerman is uniquely qualified to provide expert Environment, Safety & Health (ES&H) Management System services. He has over 25 years experience designing, implementing, and managing cost-effective ES&H management system programs for remediation, decontamination, manufacturing, research, and construction projects.

Iqbal Ahmed, Vice President

Dr. Ahmed holds Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has more than 25 years of experience in environmental engineering design/analysis, regulatory compliance, environmental impact assessment, and ES&H program technical support. Dr. Ahmed has extensive experience conducting environmental contaminant transport and fate modeling in support of impact assessment and regulatory compliance programs.

In addition to these three key leaders, XCEL has a staff of more than 45 program/project managers, engineers, scientists, technicians, and ES&H professionals. We have a resource pool of over 30 experienced multidisciplinary professionals that are available on an as-needed basis.