What We Do

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance requirements must be effectively managed to avoid potential liabilities, penalties and schedule delays. XCEL has helped organizations negotiate with regulatory agencies, identify regulatory requirements, and mitigate potential regulatory compliance impacts. XCEL provides comprehensive ES&H and environmental expertise to assist clients in achieving and maintaining cost-effective compliance with regulatory requirements. It offers regulatory evaluation, reporting, permitting, compliance audits and assessments, and negotiations with regulatory agencies.

Air Quality

XCEL has highly qualified air quality specialists to assist our clients in meeting existing and anticipated needs. We provide a full range of environmental and engineering air quality services pursuant to the Clean Air Act. Our capabilities include Title V operating permits, construction permits, new source performance reviews, regulatory assistance, compliance evaluations, ambient air quality monitoring and modeling, emissions inventory, general conformity reviews, NESHAPs compliance, air toxic risk assessments and management, indoor air quality, compliance training, and control technology determination/recommendations.

ES&H Programs and Management Systems

Effective ES&H programs and management systems can help organizations to manage risks, reduce liabilities, and cut costs. XCEL has helped organizations implement ES&H management systems that augment and integrate existing management systems. This integrated management systems framework provides for continual improvement in ES&H performance. XCEL offers program and management system design and implementation; audits, assessments, and gap analyses; property assessments; hazard analysis; plan and procedure preparation; industrial hygiene and radiation safety, hazardous materials management and pollution prevention; sampling and monitoring programs; training programs; and ISO 14000 environmental management system support.

Environmental Assessment

XCEL environmental professionals have conducted numerous environmental assessment and regulatory compliance projects for the DoD, DOE, and other federal agencies. In support of these federal agencies, XCEL environmental professionals have designed and implemented integrated programs pursuant to NEPA, RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, and other regulations. These programs have addressed a diverse array of environmental problems including subsurface contamination, watershed contamination, hazardous material management, pollution prevention, brine discharge, petroleum and water management, waste disposal, acid deposition, and surface water withdrawals and discharges. XCEL’s environmental professionals can design and implement environmental impact assessment and monitoring programs focused on providing the key information needed to support sound decision-making.

Environmental Remediation

XCEL’s environmental services span environmental engineering and waste management support to environmental remediation and design analysis. We have the ability to draw on experienced resources from around the country to support remediation projects. This presents an ideal opportunity for firms looking to complete their subcontracting plan with an experienced small business, such as XCEL, that also qualifies as a SDVOSB.

Engineering Design and Analysis

Professional engineers at XCEL provide engineering design and analysis support in several areas including groundwater and contaminant transport modeling; and high-pressure system safety review and analysis. Engineering projects include LEED design for construction at Ft. Campbell, KY, ITER Program, High Flux Isotope Reactor Program, Liquid and Gaseous Waste Project, Research Reactors Division, the Integrated Facilities Disposition Project, Plutonium Disposition Project, and others.

Environmental Condition of Property (ECP) Assessments

XCEL prepares ECP Reports, ECP Update Reports, and property disposal documentation. ECP Reports for property acquisitions are prepared in accordance with AR 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement; USEPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Rules; and ASTM E 1527-05, Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process. ECP Reports, ECP Update Reports, and disposal documents in support of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and non-BRAC property disposal actions are prepared in accordance with AR 200-1 and ASTM D 6008-96, Standard Practice for Conducting Environmental Baseline Surveys.

Drinking Water Assessments

XCEL conducts drinking-water evaluations at numerous military reserve facilities. In addition to analyzing samples and comparing the full-spectrum analytical results to state and federal drinking-water standards, we provide corrective-action planning and develop cost estimates for implementation of the recommended corrective actions along with expected annual upkeep and maintenance costs.

Civil Engineering and Construction Management

XCEL provides engineering designs, planning, technical support, management support, and construction oversight on civil engineering projects. XCEL’s Construction Management team provides clients with experience in general contracting and in specialized areas such as building deactivation and demolition, asbestos abatement, and hazardous waste site operation.