Contracts/Projects Details

Environmental Services to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Louisville District on an IDIQ Type Contract for the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Mission Boundaries and the Nationwide Reserve Mission

Under a $5 million, five-year, ID/IQ Environmental A/E Services contract with the USACE – Louisville District, XCEL provides support for active military facilities and Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. XCEL is also providing these services to U.S. Army Reserve, IRP, and BRAC facilities nationwide. We provide a full range of Environmental A/E services, including CERCLA preliminary assessments (PA), site investigations (SI), remedial investigations (RI), feasibility studies (FS), FUDS PAs, NEPA environmental assessments (EAs), munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) support, and environmental baseline survey (EBS) and environmental condition of property (ECP) reports. During the first half of 2013, this contract will be renewed for an additional five years with an additional $ 9 million in funding. Representative projects under the contract include:

  • Investigation of the Defense National Stockpile Center in Warren, OH pursuant to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Voluntary Action Program Memorandum of Agreement
  • Environmental Condition of Property (ECP) reports and Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Documentation in support of the U.S. Army Reserve Command
  • Develop building designs/specifications for Ft. Campbell, meeting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards
  • Completion of Remedial Investigation Reports for the former Kincheloe Air Force Base in Kinross Township, MI
  • Environmental modeling, groundwater monitoring, and administrative file recording for the former Lordstown Ordnance Depot in Lordstown, OH
  • Provide A/E Environmental Services for Underground Storage Tank (UST) closure and Public Involvement Plan (PIP) at Kentucky Ordinance Works, McCracken County, KY
  • Groundwater and Site Inspection for the former Nike SL-40 and DL-57/58 Missile Sites in Hecker, IL and Frenchtown Township, MI, respectively.
  • Conduct subsurface investigations of former UST’s and Well Abandonment at Altoona, PA, New Haven, CT, and Windsor Locks, CT supporting the 99th RSC

Engineering and Technical Support Services to ORNL Under More Than 30 Subcontracts and Three Basic Order Agreements (BOAs)

XCEL is currently providing engineering and technical support services to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)-operated by UT-Battelle. Under more than 30 contracts and three Basic Order Agreements (BOAs) with a total value of more than $7.2 million since inception, this work has been ongoing since 2007. Task orders and subcontracts have been awarded to support all divisions and operations at the Lab. XCEL employees include project managers, engineers, researchers, environmental specialists, physical scientists, computer scientists, technicians, and administrative personnel. We have worked on various task orders/subcontracts pertaining to:

  • Engineering research support in the area of wave plasma interactions under the RF SciDAC project for the ITER Program
  • Engineering support to the Thermal Hydraulics and Irradiation Engineering group for the High Flux Isotope Reactor Program
  • Subject Matter Expertise support for the Liquid and Gaseous Waste Project for DOE-EM
  • Process and information support functions for the Research Reactors Division
  • Site development for new Hydropower locations for the Energy-Water Ecosystem Engineering Group
  • Assisting in the preparation of revisions to NRC requirements and guidance documents to address the advanced reactor designs
  • Providing technical support to Hydropower Project principal investigators in the form of technical writing and editing services
  • Technical and administrative support to the ORNL EMPO and the Integrated Facilities Disposition Project
  • Environmental compliance/waste services support including waste characterization, field sampling and analysis, and report preparation
  • Technical support to DOE ORO for programmatic and project management services
  • Project management support for the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Roadmap and development of the Site Sustainability Plan
  • Overseeing and assisting in the set-up of the Carbon Fiber Program Initiative at ORNL.
  • Providing support to the Plutonium Disposition Project including preparing reports, flowsheets, schedules, white papers, and analyses
  • Field experiments, lab work, and data analysis for the Integrated Field Research Challenge (IFRC) project at Oak Ridge Field Research Center

Air Quality and TSCA Program Support Services to the Environmental Division, Ft. Campbell, KY

XCEL, for the past ten years, has earned a proven record of accomplishment and a successful long-term relationship with the U.S. Army’s Fort Campbell, KY installation. XCEL currently provides environmental compliance, engineering, training, and planning services to support the Fort Campbell (FC) Environmental Division’s Air Quality Program in achieving its goal of sustaining the installation’s capability to accomplish assigned missions while maintaining compliance with all Clean Air Act (CAA) and additional applicable federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. Areas of technical support provided include:

  • Program planning and operational support, including the development of the FC Air Quality Management Plan, Environmental Operating Procedures, and Fact Sheets in accordance with FC’s Sustainable Information Management System (SIMS)
  • Air permitting & regulatory reporting
  • Compliance inspections & audits of installation air emissions sources
  • Air emissions source inventory & database management
  • Opacity evaluations
  • Air sampling & monitoring
  • Air dispersion modeling
  • Environmental Performance Assessment System compliance
  • Review of installation construction & engineering plans for air quality impacts, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance, & General Conformity Rule analysis
  • Air compliance curricula & training
  • Pollution prevention (P2)
  • Environmental education

Technical Services to Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) for the CDC-NIOSH Dose Reconstruction and Related Services Project

Since 2005 and under two separate contracts, XCEL provides technical health and safety support to Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) on their National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Dose Reconstruction Project for the Department of Energy (DOE). XCEL professionals, primarily health physicists – including certified health physicists, have evaluated past nuclear operations throughout the DOE Weapons Complex to estimate potential radiation exposures to personnel who have worked at these locations. Exposure records at these facilities were incomplete, especially during the 1940′s and 50′s when the effects and potentials of exposures were not understood and record keeping was not required. As a result, XCEL health physicists have provided the technical expertise to develop and perform dose calculations to estimate the potential exposures of workers at these locations.

Environmental, Cultural Resources, GIS, and Range Control Support Services to the Alabama Army National Guard

Since 2007 using this $ 1.4 million contract, XCEL has provided range control support personnel to the Alabama Army National Guard (ALARNG) in its mission to maintain properly trained and equipped units for prompt mobilization. XCEL’s range control personnel provide services for:

  • Range scheduling and safety
  • Automated targeting system operation
  • Range preparation and maintenance
  • Building new ranges and coordination of unit-firing range-training activities.

In addition to range control support, XCEL has provided environmental support staff to assist with the ALARNG with statewide environmental program management. XCEL’s professionals include statewide cultural resources compliance specialists, environmental compliance specialists, and geographic system (GIS) specialists. Our personnel performed mission support and multi-regulatory media tasks for maintaining and sustaining ALARNG compliance with federal, state, & local cultural and environmental regulations.

Technical Support to the Environmental and Natural Resources Division at Ft. Huachuca, AZ

XCEL provides on-site support regarding environmental compliance, conservation, pollution prevention, and related technical support for the Fort Huachuca Environmental and Natural Resources Division. The contract value is $ 2.5 million for four years.

XCEL employees at the facility include engineers, scientists, and technicians specializing in various aspects of environmental compliance, resources, and data management. Technical services provided by XCEL to Fort Huachuca include:

  • Emergency Planning, Community Right to Know and Pollution Prevention Management
  • Hazardous Waste Program
  • Multimedia Environmental Programs
  • Air Quality Program
  • Database and GIS Management
  • Natural Resources Program (Wildlife Biology)
  • Cultural Resources Program (Archaeology)

ECP Reports, ECP Updates, and Property Disposal Documentation in Support of the U.S. Army Reserve Command

XCEL has completed a variety of environmental services for the United States Army Reserve (USAR) at their facilities across the United States. These services include ECP Reports for property acquisition and ECP Reports, ECP Update Reports, and property disposal documentation in support of both BRAC and non-BRAC disposal actions. ECP Reports for 17 property acquisition sites were completed in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement; USEPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Rules; and ASTM E 1527-05, Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process. Each ECP Report complied with the USEPA’s AAI Rules under CERCLA prior to obtaining title to the property.

XCEL also has prepared ECP Reports, ECP Update Reports, and disposal documents for 76 USAR sites across the country in accordance with AR 200-1 and ASTM D 6008-96, Standard Practice For Conducting Environmental Baseline Surveys. Disposal documents prepared in support of BRAC and non-BRAC property disposals include Findings of Suitability to Transfer (FOSTs) or Lease (FOSLs); Section C Disposal Reports; Records of Environmental Consideration (RECs); Records of Non-Applicability (RONAs); and coordination letters with State Historic and Preservation Offices (SHPOs), native American tribal governments, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Drinking Water Compliance Surveys and Corrective Action Planning for the 88th RSC

XCEL has evaluated the drinking-water quality at more than 116 USAR facilities in five states (IL, IN, KS, MI, and OH). Samples are collected at the facilities and analyzed for state and federal primary and secondary drinking-water constituents. The analytical results are compared to drinking-water standards, and exceedances are determined. XCEL prepares Corrective Action Plans that included analytical results, chain-of-custody documentation, analytical result summary tables, sampling locations, and recommendations for further actions. In addition, XCEL develops cost estimates for implementation of the recommended corrective actions along with expected annual upkeep and maintenance costs.

Geographical Information System (GIS) Services to the Environmental Division at Ft. Campbell, KY

XCEL provides technical expertise necessary to support the operation and further development of a comprehensive GIS program for the Environmental Division at Ft. Campbell, KY. The tasks include:

  • Provide training regarding the GIS products used by the Environmental Division
  • Offer technical consultation on both internal and external GIS development projects
  • Provide advice on development procedures
  • Develop facility-specific GIS standard operating procedures
  • Provide GIS administration and networking support
  • Provide data manipulation, importation, conversion, and collection of GIS data

Provide Project Management and Engineering Support to BAUER on the Center Hill Dam Foundation Remediation Project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The Center Hill Dam Foundation Remediation is a United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) project located in Silver Point, TN. The prime contract for the work was awarded to BAUER Foundations Corp. (BAUER) with a value of $109 million. XCEL Engineering is working for BAUER and is currently serving as the Engineer of Record (EOR) for the civil site works.

XCEL is performing engineering and support services for the design and installation of solid waste processing and fill areas, large equipment supports and foundations, solid and liquid waste processing and a host of other design and project management services. Services include design and investigation of solid waste fill sites, solids processing facilities, equipment layout, structural machine support and construction design support. Support services included permit due diligence with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, waste fill quantity analysis, project management, submittal preparation, drafting, construction observation, quality control, environmental monitoring and permitting. XCEL employees on the project include civil engineers, environmental scientist and geologist.

Features of work include grading and excavation, site utilities, work platforms, storm drainage, concrete slabs, walls and foundations, process waste water treatment and other enabling works necessary for BAUER to perform the cut-off wall construction required by the USACE contract.

Facility Master Planning Support for Stationing and End State Transformation at Ft. Campbell, KY

From 2006 through 2009, XCEL provided technical support for the master planning of existing and new facilities at Fort Campbell, KY. XCEL evaluated existing infrastructure, conducted field surveys to determine how to fit the new organizational structure into the existing facilities with the minimal requirement for additional construction, optimize consolidation, and control and minimize the movement of units. Using the data obtained, XCEL developed a detailed transition plan to depict the movement of units to and from occupied space and temporary space as well as supported Fort Campbell in implementing the facility plan.