Client Evaluations & Kudos


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“XCEL has worked diligently and effectively to complete environmental documentation required for BRAC property acquisitions amid an atmosphere of consistently changing priorities and guidance. XCEL has done a good job coordinating work with the BRAC office USACE to ensure that documents are available when they are required to support the property acquisition.”

– Craig Coombs, Technical Manager, USACE Louisville

“I am usually very hard on contractors, but I did not have to worry about any of the work the XCEL Team did on the Ohio EPA VAP MOA project at Warren Depot. They did an outstanding job and were a pleasure to work with.”

– Robert Skruck, Environmental Manager, DLA-Strategic Materials

“The XCEL Project Manager did an excellent job of overseeing this site investigation and coordinating site visits/field activities with the Michigan DEQ and the environmental contractor (Haley and Aldrich) for the property owner. Michigan DEQ was very satisfied with the quality of work performed at the NIKE D-57/58 site. The contractor displayed solid technical expertise in the performance of field work and submission of the associated SI report.”

– Joe Bohannon, Technical Manager, USACE Louisville

“XCEL’s demonstration of high professional standards, determination to maintaining compliance, and conscientious work ethic in the Air Quality Program should be commended. Exemplary performance of duty of their employees is a tribute to XCEL Engineering, Inc., and the Fort Campbell Air Quality Program. Thank you for a job well done!”

– Patrica A. Lockard, Air Quality Program Manager, USACE Louisville

“Contractor has consistently provided services equal to or exceeding expectations. Ability to manage expectations of contract personnel and meet government requirements has been unsurpassed. I would not hesitate to engage the services of XCEL Engineering in the future.”

– Morris W. Rothfeldt, Jr. CPT, Range Officer, Alabama Army National Guard